Ten Health and Fitness

Fitness, alternative therapies, and wellness are all under one roof.

Ten’s new location at Gasholders will be its flagship studio and is beloved and trusted by A-list celebrities like Carey Mulligan, Zoe Ball, and Claudia Schiffer.

In addition to new services like infrared saunas, cryotherapy, intravenous drip therapies, and intramuscular booster shots, the award-winning program includes dynamic reformer pilates, personal training, physiotherapy, women’s health, clinical exercise, and massage.

Since its founding in 2007, wellness pioneers Ten Health & Fitness have offered Londoners a comprehensive approach to physical wellbeing.

Ten Health and Fitness

Providing clients with a variety of dynamic reformer pilates classes, personal training, small group fitness classes, on-site physiotherapy, massage, and clinical exercise prescription (for clients with life-altering conditions like cancer, heart disease, menopause, and diabetes), all under one roof, makes it the only boutique provider to bridge the gap between the fitness community and the medical sector.

Pilates instructors, rehab and clinical exercise specialists, physios, and massage therapists can collaborate under one roof thanks to the brand’s innovative Circle of Care approach, sharing knowledge, expertise, and information throughout every stage of a client’s physical wellbeing, including exercise, prehab, injury management, treatment, and rehab. It enables Ten to offer clients a smooth transition from one level to the next and to modify a client’s program to maximize its efficacy, whether that’s to hasten injury rehabilitation or to help them reach their objectives more quickly.

The studio also houses Ten’s Boutique, a line of eco-friendly activewear and leisure wear, as well as a variety of items for health, beauty, and wellbeing from renowned manufacturers.

Emerald and Tiger sound bath sessions.

Join Emerald and Tiger, two sound practitioners, for a 60-minute sound bath on September 10, 17, and 24 at 11 a.m.

Deep states of relaxation, tranquility, and healing are induced during the session using a variety of time-honored instruments, such as crystal and singing bowls. It has been demonstrated that listening to healing sounds can lower blood pressure, ease stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.

Ten Health & Fitness, one of London’s top Dynamic Reformer Pilates studios and a six-time Tatler Gym Award winner, can help you strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles.

At Ten, our Move Better motto is everything. In contrast to the majority of the fitness industry, we place equal emphasis on movement quality and effort intensity. Our workouts become safer, more efficient, and more sustainable as a result of the attention placed on form, precision, and control. They also become more thoughtful, which is a terrific approach to reduce tension and anxiety.

Please note:   Before signing up for an Intermediate or Advanced Pilates session at Ten, we suggest that you first complete a Beginners Dynamic Reformer Pilates class.
– For all Reformer-based Classes, you must wear grip socks. You can purchase them at the front desk, and we’ll give you your first pair for just £12.
– Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first class at Ten (we explain why in the “how to prepare” part).
– For following classes, we have a no-show policy. If you arrive more than five minutes late, you won’t be allowed to attend.

Ten Health and Fitness

Trimester 1: Prenatal and introductory classes are open to new students. Current students may continue to take intermediate lessons in trimester 1 if they have attended more than eight classes in the previous three months.
Trimester 2: New clients can only attend prenatal programs after completing a prenatal PARQ. You must go to a prenatal examination with a licensed physical therapist in order to be shown the modifications if you want to participate in beginner’s class. Existing customers can sign up for beginner and prenatal classes using the accompanying modification sheet. No client in trimester two or higher may access intermediate, advanced, or speciality content.

Trimester 3: Only one-on-one sessions will be offered to new clients; group pilates will not be permitted. Existing students are still welcome to attend introductory and prenatal classes with the appropriate modifications.

Beginners – Dynamic Reformer Pilates with Luke

At 10, this was only my second class overall and my first time taking a beginner’s class with Luke. Luke was very friendly and took the time to talk to each participant, asking us what we might want to concentrate on during the session, which I thought was a nice touch. Luke gave clear directions and demonstrated things clearly. He often checked in with folks and appeared genuinely eager to make sure everyone was doing okay. I’ll definitely return, and I strongly advise newcomers and returning students to try Luke’s lesson.

Beginners – Dynamic Reformer Pilates with Luke

I’ve taken Luke’s class twice, and I truly enjoy his teaching style. I think I’m getting a terrific workout and am being encouraged to do it correctly.

Wear clothing that will allow you to sweat and move freely.

You don’t need trainers to attend a Reformer-based session like Pilates or Stretch, but you do need to wear gripsocks. If you don’t have any, you can get them for £12 each at the front desk. You won’t be able to attend the class without them.
Water, towels, and amenities are all free. In our changing rooms, you’ll also find hair straighteners and dryers.
You must arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your first session at Ten so that you can fill out our workout readiness form and meet the Reformer and your trainer. You’ll feel more at ease, assured, and prepared for your lesson as a result.

Pro tips:

No matter how committed you are to maintaining your focus, it’s all too easy to lose motivation as the weeks go by for many of us. Each class at Ten Health & Fitness is unique from the last, which helps to keep your interest levels and the intensity and efficacy of your workout.

How to get there

Spitalfields Market and Liverpool St Station are both 2 minutes away from us. Bishopsgate turns into Middlesex St, and we are about 100 meters down on the right side of the street.

Since I’ve been a client of Ten Pilates for the past 18 months, I would heartily recommend them. All of my professors have been educated and helpful, in my experience. The lessons are highly consistent because all the instructors are trained in the Ten Pilates method, and new routines are constantly being added, so I always learn something new in every class. I’ve progressed through each level, and even though some of the techniques are difficult, I’ve never been hurt because they give lots of tips on how to do them correctly.

Ten Health and Fitness

The second time I visited Ten Health this year, Ilias saw me right away for a slip disc that was made worse by musculoskeletal complaints. My illness was effectively treated by Ilias in Noting Hill, who also gave me a massage that was appropriate. The at-home exercises he advised were quite effective in easing the terrible slip disc pain. My back was improving after just a few appointments, and the end of my suffering was in sight. Really appreciative of Ilias’ prompt and expert help.

I had my initial lessons at the Hatton Garden location. Although not brand-new, the equipment is in good condition. The instructor paid close attention to each student in the class of six. Despite the receptionist’s assurance that there were lockers in the changing area, none were present. You must wear specific socks; if you are unaware of this need or forget to pack them, you must have at least ten pounds to purchase a pair on the spot. Quite little amenities.

At £80 per session, personal training at TEN does go beyond budget. Frustrated that training only lasts for 50 minutes even though an hour is advertised. If 10 minutes cost about £13.50, then 50 minutes must cost £66.50, right? Set a 15-minute window between one client’s finish and the beginning of the next, and stop taking advantage of your customers. You’re decent, but not great.

Beware. Long-term, devoted clients are treated horribly.
I paid for 12 times as many 60-minute group lessons. To allow for cleaning, the class has been shortened to 45 minutes. This is the equivalent of reducing the number of lessons by three, or giving the consumer a 25% refund of their cash but still expecting them to attend this.
Second, after scheduling 3 X PT sessions more than a month ago, I receive a call informing me that I can only have 2 sessions because the PT’s charges have increased since my booking.
Once more, the client is simply supposed to accept this, and if they don’t, they are labeled as impolite. My refund request was turned down.

a decent studio. good professors and a good assortment of classes. However, the equipment and dressing facilities are somewhat outdated.
If you can overlook the changing room issue and focus on the classes, it’s unquestionably a fantastic training facility.

Poor you! I would have given less than one star if I could. There is no comprehension on their part, and the receptionist is terrible. Even though it was my first time, I had already paid for the class, and I was dressed for the class, the receptionist refused to let me in because I was 1 minute past their 5 minute policy (i.e., 6 minutes late), despite the fact that I had been searching for the “gym” for some time.

Of course, they charged me for the class, did not only refuse to let me attend, and even thought about giving me a make-up date. The receptionist staff provides such subpar service and is obviously unqualified to hold their position due to their lack of a humanitarian approach and competence. Because I work in the City, I could have been a potential customer for a very long time, but because of their attitude and lack of comprehension, I will never go back there.